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The Burning Crusade

Version 2.4.3

Rates: x2


Players Online: 2206

Aliance Players966 Players   Horde Players1240 Players

Arena Flush: 2d 11h 12m

Season End: 26.06.2016 23:59

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News & Updates

Server Update - Revision 81

Today the following fixes were applied:  General* Fixed an issue with characters not being logged out properly under certain circumstances * Multiple general smaller fixes and optimizations implemented  World Environment* AI of numerous creatures across the world has been improve...

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Server Update - Revision 80

Today the following fixes were applied: General* The expiration delay for CoD mails has been reduced to 24 hours* Recipes you already know will not show up in the auction listing if "Usable Items" is checked* Channeling spells, like Arcane Missiles, should no longer incorrectly interr...

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Server Update - Revision 79

Today the following fixes were applied:    General* Fixed a bug in which stunned creatures would sometimes fail to chase their victim once the stun ended* Fixed a bug in which creatures with more than one fear effect on them would behave incorrectly once the first fear effect end...

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Free faction changes - again

Hello everyone,   Yet another wave of free faction changes from HORDE TO ALLIANCE will be made available for 24 hours on the 30th of April, 2016, as an attempt to improve the A:H ratio. Please be sure to read up on all the changes that come with switching your faction because the proc...

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Revision: 50 27-12-2014

General Fixed the sound issues with the D.I.S.C.O. item, players should be able to experience the music  now upon right-clicking the summoned…

Revision: 49 29-09-2014

General: Infinite duration HoTs shouldn't tick if the target is already at full health Corrected a logical error that made a few spells unable…

Revision: 48 11-08-2014

General: Corrected the amount and resupply time for various items sold by multiple rare goods vendors The Defias Smuggler NPCs in Westfall should…

Revision: 47 24-07-2014

Druid Shaman  Rogue Warrior Hunter Paladin Sunwell Plateau NPCs Items Tweaked Karazhan instance map, players will be less likely to get…