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The Burning Crusade

Version 2.4.3

Rates: x2


Arena Flush: 3d 8h 28m

Season End: 25.12.2016 23:59

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News & Updates

Server Update - Revision 90

Today the following fixes were applied:  General * Resist chance of binary spells is now calculated more precisely * Magic school resistance against binary spells is now capped at 75% as intended * On-next-swing abilities now can be canceled using /stopcasting ...

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Black Friday Sales

Greetings good folk of Excalibur,   We bring a tiny bit of good news to you today. 20% off on all items in the store for Black Friday!   The sales will end on the 28th of November at 23:59 server time! Enjoy!  

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Server Update - Revision 89

Today the following fixes were applied:General * Players should no longer be incorrectly shown as running, rotating or flying when they are idle in Outland zones (e.g. Shattrath City) * Improved the pathfinding system towards targets on elevated terrain * Fixed an issue with the pathfindin...

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Server Update - Revision 88

Today the following fixes were applied:    General* You can now use Meeting Stones to summon any member of your raid group rather than just members of your own group* Raid "Ready Check" feature now behaves correctly for players in battlegrounds* Stealth detection update interval ...

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Revision: 50 27-12-2014

General Fixed the sound issues with the D.I.S.C.O. item, players should be able to experience the music  now upon right-clicking the summoned…

Revision: 49 29-09-2014

General: Infinite duration HoTs shouldn't tick if the target is already at full health Corrected a logical error that made a few spells unable…

Revision: 48 11-08-2014

General: Corrected the amount and resupply time for various items sold by multiple rare goods vendors The Defias Smuggler NPCs in Westfall should…

Revision: 47 24-07-2014

Druid Shaman  Rogue Warrior Hunter Paladin Sunwell Plateau NPCs Items Tweaked Karazhan instance map, players will be less likely to get…